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It’s really weird and annoying when you go back to something you’d been watching on youtube just a couple weeks ago, something that had been uploaded years ago, and can’t find it because it’s been taken down due to a licensing issue.

Like… okay… but if you’re going to take it down years later, couldn’t you have waited one more week for me to finish watching it?


I’m liking Liar Game (the kdrama) but I did headdesk when they did the “I’m on broadcast tv to let my dad know I’m doing okay and maybe he can find me and we’ll reunite one day” shtick.

Especially since this is a show that stars Shin Sung Rok.

Like… how do they not expect me to have Trot Lovers flashbacks?

This show better not have him dying of cancer or someone suddenly get amnesia or I will cry foul. Because it’s enjoyable — if nothing like the original — so far.

question of the day #7

Yesterday I mentioned how much I love to travel, so now I want to know:

What’s the one place in the world would you love to visit if money/time/etc wasn’t an issue?

Of course I’d love to get to South Korea one day, but ever since I was in middle school I’ve had the goal to walk on all the continents, so I especially have a strong desire to go to Antarctica. It looks like an absolutely gorgeous place — and there’s penguins! (My desire is also likely fueled by how much I loved Troubling a Star by Madeline L’Engle. Y’all can keep Meg Murray/O’Keefe — I’m forever a Vicky Austin fangirl.)

Even though I was telling myself I wasn’t going to start any new shows unless absolutely necessary, I think I’ll start watching Liar Game.

Well, I already started watching it, but only got twenty minutes in until work called. But those were still an enjoyable twenty minutes, even though my headspace is filled with the jdrama (which I’ve seen up through the “Final Game” movie, but not “Reborn” yet because I’m not ready to watch sweet Kanzaki Nao go through yet another tournament. Let me live a few moments think she and Akiyama have a sweet-happily-ever-after friendship that has nothing to do with LGT Office. Also I loved that the drama didn’t force a romance down our throats. Just the briefest hints, if your shipping heart so desired, but easily dismissed if you don’t).

Even though the first twenty minutes felt like nothing like the jdrama, it was still interesting to watch. Which means that once again, tvN continues to get my love.

But this time, I think it’s actually deserving of such love, because Misaeng is one of the best things I’ve seen in ages and I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that it will stay that way. I just really need a good drama to restore my faith in Dramaland.

Attempt at positive thinking:

  • Weeknights are way chiller and so I only saw two guests all evening, and then have seen maybe five so far, most of whom have been happy to acknowledge my “good morning” with a nod. The b’fast girls are bored and therefore happy to chat with them so I don’t have to.
  • I’ve actually completed all the tasks I can complete in my current condition, and there’s an hour left on my shift so I can just relax.
  • My relief is the new girl (who seems sweet and capable so far), not my manager, who is always a half-hour to an hour late.
  • Also I’m still super annoyed with my manager re: scheduling issues, so it’s best that I get to leave before management arrives because I will probably say something I will regret.
  • Although I did just take a pain med so I’m feeling a little chill now.
  • I’d forgotten I’d left the old med bottle in my bag, and so I was suffering most of the night because I hurried out the door and left them on the coffee table. Until I dug around in my bag looking for my wallet, since I had to pay a parking fee because of course I fell down the stairs the night I need to move my car for street sweeping day. Then I found the bottle with its last lonely pill, and now everything is much lovelier.
  • I hate the fact that pain meds make everything lovelier, but whatever, I’m at work when I don’t want to be so I’m just doing what I can to get by.
  • Payday was yesterday so not only can I pay off that parking ticket, I can set up a new grocery order.
  • Speaking of food, LP and I have a tentative date Thursday and I’m already plotting what I will eat at the restaurant (dolsot bimbibap!) and what I’ll order to take home for later because cooking (and cleaning up afterwards) is still annoyingly difficult.
  • I triple-checked the schedule and I’m not coming in until Friday, so pfbbhltlthth because after I sleep like a rock when I get home, I have to work on recapping. Didn’t mean to put it off for so long, but that’s because I thought I’d have time yesterday to do it. HA!
  • But that means I get to rewatch Misaeng and hells yeah no complaints there.
  • Tumblrites are awesome and I love you. <3


Although tbh the bulk of my ire is currently directed at the fax machine because it keeps jamming and has been doing that all weekend, which means I’ve had to stand over it and baby it, which is no fun, not the least because of the whole “standing” thing.

Stupid fax machine.


Just you wait, lil’ buddy.





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