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TABLO ft. DJ Tukutz & Mithra - Official ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Vid!

*NOTE: He nominated Director Park Chan Wook,Singer Lee Sora & Actor Wonbin; Tablo was nominated by WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon



not sure if you see the news but Kim Hyun Joong is ruined probably. well idk ruined if he's let off but he assaulted his girlfriend and I never saw him that way ;o

— Asked by sani-panda

I didn’t know about it until you said something — I guess the news broke when I wasn’t around the computer, and I haven’t been on a news site lately.

(Throwing the rest of my answer behind a “read more” because I rambled on quite a bit, and also in case anyone else was wondering what my thoughts are since I’ve never been shy about calling KHJ my personal “Hallyu wave.”)


Now that I’ve had a chance to peruse the news sites (Korean ones and translated, although, of course, I still refuse the website-that-shall-not-be-named), I have to admit it’s really disappointing. He always came across as very open-minded and supportive of women. (I have vague recollections of some interview where he said something about never using physical violence against his daughters because they could dress how they like — in reaction to that Teen Top Cap thing — but obviously google isn’t going to be useful when trying to look that up right now. >.<)

And yes, it’s also disheartening to see someone who’s been so influential in my fandom life be revealed to have done something like that, or believe that he could get away with it. I know there’s still only the bare bones info out right now (that she did file a police report with evidence) and I’m curious to see how Keyeast responds, even though agencies are masters at spinning news items.

I was definitely surprised that he’s still planning to continue his concert in Thailand, because this is such a major career-breaking news you’d think he’d want to keep quiet and disappear, letting his agency try to do all they can to clean up this mess. Not sure how fans in Thailand feel about it, but I hope there’s at least some sort of backlash, because I don’t know how excited I would be to watch him sing and perform and give fanservice after reading the news.

I’m betting he’ll quietly be enlisting soon (because he was set to go sometime this year), hoping that the enforced two-year break will cool things down. But lawsuits can take ages and it’ll still be in the news even if he’s in the army, and yeah, he’ll definitely never regain the fame and popularity he once had no matter how the lawsuit ends up. Not to mention he will have to be on his absolute perfect best behavior, with no controversies, while he’s enlisted — and that’s hard enough for some celebs. I mean, this is a more image-damaging situation than what happened with Rain, and he was the top celebrity of his day. 

KHJ’s pretty looks and 4D personality aren’t going to save him, although I’m sure some will try to excuse whatever happened just because he’s pretty and “weird.” I’m definitely in the “not cool, dude; not cool at all” camp even though I’m still waiting for more information to get a better idea of what’s happening. (All the Korean news portals pretty much say the same thing right now, although there are at least more publications other than the originator Dispatch reporting on it, which is a little sad because it’s proof that it’s not just tabloid fodder — and y’all know Dispatch is the shit-stirrer of the celebrity world, so sometimes it’s good to take their articles with a grain of salt. Although it looks like they caught themselves a big fish this time. No surprise to anyone, I’m sure, that KHJ is the top trending search term right now.)

I would still consider myself a fan because I can’t suddenly erase the influence he had on my conversion to Korean culture. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going be totally giving the side-eye to anyone who’s all “That girl must just be lying and wanting attention! Oppa can do no wrong!” or even worse the “She probably deserved it” which is something I’ve seen in some comments. (Which, no — no matter what happened, no one deserves domestic abuse. WTF.)

I’d be lying if I weren’t disappointed and saddened by the news (and the fangirl in me is now all, “Welp, there goes any last tiny lingering hope for an SS501 reunion”) because it means taking a celebrity I was fond of and knocking him down off that vague pedestal he’s been on since I first encountered Ji Hoo. But I don’t believe he should get special treatment just because he’s a celebrity, and domestic abuse is never ever a way to deal with a situation. Badly done, KHJ; badly done.

I figure we’ll be getting more details as the days go by, which makes me even more sorry for his girlfriend — not just the fact that she stuck around so long after the first instance of abuse (seriously, ladies - this is a general PSA: if your boyfriend thinks abuse is the answer to a relationship problem, get out of that relationship ASAP. He’s not worth it, and you deserve someone who will treat you with respect even when your relationship is having issues). But also because she apparently felt the safest route was going to the police to press charges, which would only result in her name also being dragged through the mud as she’ll surely get hated on for bringing down a once-beloved celebrity, no matter how justified her actions turn out to be. I’m concerned for her, because blindly-biased fangirl “oppa can do no wrong!” opinions are so damaging to those who have had to suffer in such relationships (and this also makes me want to get into the whole mess that is celebrity dating in Korea, but that’s another can of worms for another day). I’m hoping that whatever backlash happens to this woman won’t continue to give her emotional and mental abuse, although knowing similar cases in the past, it’s likely she’ll have to endure that kind of negative notoriety for years.

And yes, yes; everyone’s still waiting on more evidence and Keyeast’s/KHJ’s statement and so on, but the point still remains that the police department has confirmed she filed the lawsuit with evidence to back up her claim, so he’s got some serious ‘splaining to do. It doesn’t matter whether or not he was really cheating on her — what matters is that his apparent reaction to her accusing him of that is to give her injuries that required weeks of hospital treatment.

I’m also hoping that this is just as damaging to his career as the damage that happens when celebs try to get out their military service or evade taxes or illegally gamble — actually more damaging, because domestic abuse is decidedly worse than any of those situations. Assaulting someone should never be excused.

[Aug. 14, 2014] - Kim Jae Wook &amp; Ga In at JIMFF

[Aug. 14, 2014] - Kim Jae Wook & Ga In at JIMFF

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There’s some sort of Jonghyun triangle going on…

SHINee Jonghyun basically nominated all the other Jonghyuns he could think of.

both jonghyuns & als ice bucket challenge


According to the linked vid, CNBLUE Jonghyun nominated Jungshin (and TVXQ’s Changmin!), which means Jungshin had better nominate Minhyuk once he does it (‘cause he totally will) since he’s the last CNBLUE member left to do it (and which will make me SO HAPPY, so so happy).

And then SHINee Jonghyun nominated (among others) Hong Jong Hyun, which means one step closer to my deepest wish for someone to nominate Soo Hyuk for the ice bucket challenge. (‘Cause if Hong Jong Hyun doesn’t nominate him, I’m calling brotp shenanigans.)

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